Welcome to Northern California’s Premier Video Club


Viewfinders’ Digital Video Club (formerly Cupertino Viewfinders Camcorder Club) normally meets each month from 7:30-9:30pm in the Cupertino Room at the Quinlan Community Center, 10185 N. Stelling Road, Cupertino, CA 95014. Guests of club members and visitors from the general public are welcome to attend. Admission is free. Please see the Club Calendar on the Meetings page for upcoming monthly programs and dates.

Club Achievements

The Group has made national and internationally acclaimed award winning movies that include "Maybe Today" 2006, "Dearly Departed" 2007, "Two Left Feet" 2008, "The Interrogation" 2009 and "Through the Dark Glass" 2010.


July 15, 2015
Club Meeting 7:30-9:30pm 

Program: Guest Movie Producer
Director, Writer and Producer Amy Do will screen her first full-length feature film, "Rabbit Fever". An independent critic has said that this charming and fun documentary film entertains, inspires and informs the viewer about the world of rabbit conventions from the perspective of six teenage competitors vying to be RABBIN QUEEN. Admission to this event is free to the public.

The Cupertino Room at the
Quinlan Community Center
10185 North Stelling Road
Cupertino, CA 95014

   June 17 Meeting Highlights
The Club screened five videos created from a set of short pre-established random clips: "My Trip to New York City" by Jack Gorham, "Token Reality 2015" by Ron Rhodes, "Clip Montage" by Gordon Peterson, "Roadtrip" by Brian Lucas, and "It's a Colorful World" by Frank Swanson. Also screened were several award winning videos from the Mercury Movie Makers Club located in West Yorkshire, UK.


         Living for the View
Checkout this July 2011 news article about the Viewfinders Club written by staff writer Cathy Fitzpatrick-Platt for the locally distributed Cupertino Courier. In the article Cathy tells about how our "love of movie-making brings the Viewfinders together". Cathy also wrote the article about Tsering Dhondup's motivation for filming "Mystic Mountain" as described below.

  Mystic  Mountain

         a Tibetan feature film

Director: Tsering Dhondup

Videographer: Frank Paul Perez

Sound: Herb Wolff

Filming Locations: Kagbeni and Kathmandu, Nepal

Project Status: In post-production


View the TRAILER to hear some remarks from Tsering Dhondup himself about why he has made this compelling movie. The post-production effort is nearly done and the movie is headed for this Fall's festival season. Read a new Cupertino Courier article about Tsering and his interesting life adventure. Also view the several PowerPoint Nepal Slides (66.8MB in .pptx format) that Herb Wolff collected during the shoot in Nepal. The Viewfinders hopes to screen this film sometime after it is released.

Viewfinders Digital Video Club Member Benefits

The dues for 2014 are again just $30 which cover our expenses (prorated quarterly for new members). If you're not already a Club member, you can download our Membership Form, fill it out and mail it in with your dues check to our Club Treasurer.

The more significant benefits of membership are:

1. Viewfinders Monthly Meetings. Every Club member is strongly encouraged to attend our monthly general meetings where you'll have the opportunity to not only learn something new about your hobby of videography, but also get the chance to make new and stronger relationships with others who have the same interest in movie-making as you. Watch the short promo clip that the Club made in 2012.

2. Viewfinders Monthly Newsletter. This colorful publication is not being produced this year as the Club continues to seek a new Editor. In the meantime, we urge you to peruse the Newsletter page of this website to locate articles in past issues that may interest and help you produce better quality videos.

3. Screening Eligibility. By being a Club member you'll be able to have your video(s) screened during our monthly general meetings which will give you the opportunity to see your latest creation up on the Quinlan Center’s BIG screen.

4. Club Movie-making Production Crew. A special interest group of the Club called the Viewfinders Video Productions Group produces an annual Club movie designed to compete in amateur movie festivals around the world. Our award-winning movies include "Maybe Today", “Dearly Departed”, “Two Left Feet” and "Through the Dark Glass" which won an award by the Society of Canadian Cine Amateurs. All of these movies plus “The Interrogation” are available on DVD for purchase at our meetings for $5 each. If you'd like to order one or more of them, contact our Club Treasurer. Note: see our Productions page for trailers of most of them.

5. Club Annual Membership Video Contest. Movie entries for this annual October event is limited to Club members only. Besides this major contest event, there are throughout the year several special video "theme challenge" events for Club members.

6. Viewfinders Communications. To receive a copy of the Club Membership Roster and E-mail notifications of offline special events, activities or offers, you must be a Club member. The Club Roster contains member names, phone numbers, E-mail addresses, and videography equipment that each of us uses. Regarding events, in the past several years we have spent an evening at Lucas Films at the San Francisco Presidio, at Pixar Films in Emeryville, at the Dolby Sound Studios in San Francisco, the NBC Channel 3 news studio in San Jose,

and most recently the San Jose Tech Museum where we witnessed the taping of Scott Budman's TechNow show that aired March 10, 2012.

7. The AMPS [American Motion Picture Society] and SCCA [Society of Canadian Cine Amateurs]. Since the Viewfinders Club has a membership in each of them, Viewfinders Club members qualify to enter their annual movie contests held in late Summer and Fall. For example, Club member Frank Swanson, won the SCCA's "Best Use of Sound" Award in 2010 for his movie EMMA.